City Code

City Code
The City Code is available and searchable online.

List of Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code.

2015-01 (pdf) Amend relating to Ltd Production & Property Uses in C-2, Highway Commercial District
2015-02 (pdf)Vacating Drainage & Utility Easement at 2432-2436 Foxtail Lane
2015-03 (pdf)Amendment to Allow the City to Issue Additional Billboard Credits
2015-04 (pdf)Zoning Amendment to Issue a Billboard Credit for 3040 Highway 60 West
2015-05 (pdf) Rezone Property at 2534 2nd Ave NW from R-2 to I-2
2015-06 (pdf) Vacate Part of Drainage & Utility Ease-22 Park Ave S
2015-07 (pdf)Amend Development Standards for Outdoor Dining Area in UDO
2015-09 (pdf) Amending The Faribault Code Of Ordinances, Appendix B,Unified Development Ordinance To Add Firearms Dealers As A Permitted Use In The Central Business District
2015-11 (pdf)An Ordinance Revising Chapter 4 of The Faribault City Code Regarding Alcoholic Beverages — Large File: 5MB

If you have any question on these ordinances, you can contact Deputy City Clerk at 507-333-0353

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