Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Two separate divisions within the Public Works Department carry out the operation and maintenance of the city wastewater collection and treatment system. The collection system functions fall under the utilities maintenance subdivision of the Water/Utilities Division. Water reclamation operations are a separate division within the department. The Water Reclamation Facility Superintendent heads the Water Reclamation Division.

The water reclamation facility functions consist of operation and maintenance of the facility, operation of a state-certified analytical laboratory, land application of approximately four million gallons of biosolids annually, and coordination of the industrial monitoring and pretreatment program. Six fulltime employees, who work under the direction of the Wastewater Superintendent, staff the facility. The division hired one fulltime summer employee to maintain the grounds around the plant and help with other duties as assigned.

Collection system functions consist of cleaning, inspecting, and repairing sewer lines and lift stations to ensure the consistent, trouble free conveyance of wastewater to the reclamation facility for treatment. These tasks are carried out by a staff of three fulltime employees, under the direction of the Water/Utilities Division Superintendent. The division hired three fulltime summer employees to help manage the distribution and collection system maintenance and utility locates.

Water Treatment and Distribution

This division provides for daily operation and maintenance of the City’s potable water system, including five production wells, two pumping stations, chemical addition facilities, four storage tanks, water mains, valves, hydrants and reading customer meters. Division staff devotes significant time to responding to customer concerns, coordinating with contractors, and locating services lines. As with all divisions within the Public Works Department, the water/utilities division participates in snow and ice removal in conjunction with the street maintenance division. They also participate in seal coating operations.

The water subdivision employs a staff of three fulltime employees who work under the supervision of a Public Works Superintendent. The Superintendent may utilize staff from the utilities subdivision as well when needed for operations and maintenance. This subdivision also supplements its staff with 2 temporary employees each summer. One summer employee is used for locates and one is used for grounds maintenance for the water treatment facility and water storage facility.

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