Community & Economic Development

Department Director

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Development Department is to encourage and support private and public efforts to improve our quality of life by providing programming and services to individuals, families, organizations and businesses which enhance and promote safe code compliant construction, orderly growth and development, self-sufficiency and community pride in the areas of planning, building codes, housing, economic development, transportation, redevelopment, and historic preservation.

A wide array of programming in the areas of housing, economic development, transportation, historic preservation and planning is offered by the Community Development Department. The Department also provides primary administrative and technical support to a multitude of local boards and commissions.

In addition to these responsibilities, Department staff maintains current demographic data, which is updated regularly and is available for review. Department staff has also taken an active role in a number of community organizations, professional organizations, and state and regional advocacy groups in an ongoing effort to enhance the programming opportunities available to the community.

Recent Studies of Interest

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