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Building Code Division Staff

  • Al Ernste — Building Official Email  |  507-333-0347
  • Dave Mathews — Building Inspector Email  |  507-333-0357
  • Marty Smith — Planning & Rental Housing Technician Email  |  507-333-0359
  • Sandi Tidemann — Department Secretary Email  |  507-333-0387


Building Code Division is part of the Department of Community Development. This division administers the Building and Property Maintenance Code Programs, Electrical Inspection Program, the Manufactured Home Point of Sale Inspection Program and Rental Registration Program. The division is responsible for the enforcement of the Minnesota State Building Code and The Minnesota Electrical Code in the City of Faribault. Programs are focused on building safety at all stages of construction and use.

Information on handling Lead Paint and Asbestos

The Minnesota Department of Health has issued rules for Contractors handling Lead Paint and Asbestos. These rules became effective February 1, 2011. To learn more you can click on the following links:

Presentations by the Minnesota Department of Health about lead paint and asbestos rules when remodeling are now available for view or download in Microsoft PowerPoint format at the following links:
-- Presentation 1: Dealing with Lead Paint During Remodeling Activities(11MB)
-- Presentation 2: Dealing With Asbestos During the Remodeling Process(3.7MB)

After clicking the link, select "open" to view the presentation in your Web browser. Select "save" to download the presentation to your computer.

Additional information available from the Minnesota Department of Health and Environmental Protection Agency includes:
- Details about the EPA Renovate, Repair and Paint (RRP) rule from the Minnesota Department of Health
- The EPA's main RRP website
- The EPA's website for locating certified renovation firms

What's New

Surcharge Change — 5/27/2015
There is some good news from the State of Minnesota in regards to the State Surcharge Fee. Effective JULY 1, 2015, the state surcharge applied to “fixed fee” building permits changes from $5.00 for each fixed fee permit to $1.00 for each fixed fee permit. When submitting permits for residential roofing, siding, window replacement, or any electrical, residential or commercial, permits, please change your surcharge amount to $1.00. Permits based on evaluation remain the same. If you are not sure the permit you are submitting qualifies, please contact me at 507-333-0387 or
New Code Adoptions — 1/27/2015
The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has announced the following adoptions: ? Chapter 1309 2012 International Residential Code with Minnesota amendments and Chapter 1300 Administrative Provisions will become effective January 24, 2015. Chapter 1303 which includes new foundation and radon rules and Chapter 1322 Residential Energy Code will become effective February 24, 2015.

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