Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan, adopted by the City in 2003, is a tool for guiding the growth, redevelopment and improvement of Faribault. The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to endure the orderly growth and development of the City, while maintaining a sound infrastructure and strong economic base. The Comprehensive Plan is a document for the community and of the community. In both words and illustrations, the Plan describes aspirations for community development, and seeks to guide public and private actions to achieve results that move Faribault closer to its vision for the future.

The Comprehensive Plan consists of a compilation of policy statements, goals, standards, and maps for guiding the physical, social and economic development of the City and its environs. Through a series of sections, each relating to a major subject of development, the Comprehensive Plan presents a vision for the future of Faribault. Intended as a guide, it is a fluid document that is reviewed and updated from time to time as trends and markets change. The Comprehensive Plan is used by Staff, the Planning Commission and other boards and commissions, and the City Council in all land use, zoning and annexation decisions, and serves as the basis for the Unified Development Ordinance and the City of Faribault Official Zoning Map (see maps).

The Comprehensive Plan in one file (pdf) — Large File: 9MB
This is a large file — if you are using a dial up modem, it will take 30 min to one hour to complete.

Comprehensive Plan Chapters

1 Introduction (pdf)
2 Vision Statement (pdf)
3 Community Context (pdf)
4 Land Use (pdf) — Large File: 2MB
4a Land Use Map (pdf)
5 Transportation (pdf) — Large File: 3MB
6 Housing (pdf)
7 Park and Recreation (pdf) — Large File: 2MB
8 Community Facilities (pdf)
9 Utilities (pdf)
10 Environmental Resources (pdf)
11 Community Image (pdf)
12 Community Development (pdf)
13 Growth Management (pdf)
14 Implementation (pdf)
15 North I35 Corridor Area Plan (pdf)
Appendix A Public Guidance (pdf)
Appendix B 2000 Census Data (pdf)
Appendix C Transportation Plan Technical Memoran (pdf)
Appendix D Resolution 2003144 (pdf)

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