Monthly Statistics


The Fire Department responded to 2,069 calls for service in 2013, or an average of 5.67 calls per day. The "on duty shift" of two or three fulltime firefighters responded to 2,028 of those calls, or 98.2%, with no requests for additional assistance. The part-time firefighters and off duty fulltime personnel were paged 11 times, or .53% of the time for assistance in 2013, and off-duty personnel were called for "station staffing" 30 times, or 1.45% of the time because the on-duty shift was not available for other calls.

Type of Call No. of Calls % of Total
Fire Calls 208 10.05%
Rescue Calls 87 4.20%
Medical Calls 1532 74.06%
Hazard Calls 20 0.97%
Public Assists 73 3.53%
Carbon Monoxide 17 .82%
Gas Leaks 21 1.01%
Cancelled Calls 111 5.36%
2013 Total Calls 2069 100%

The Annual Report located at the bottom of this page provides complete information about the activities for the year.


Monthly Statistics — 11/4/2014
The monthly statistics show a breakdown of the types of incidents the Fire Department responded to.
The Incident Totals and Call Backs spreadsheet provides statistics on all of the incidents combined.
The City and Rural Calls spreadsheet provides a statistical breakdown of city vs. rural area incidents.
The Fire Incidents spreadsheet provides statistics on fire incidents, mutual aid incidents, and the total $ loss of city and rural fires.

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