Public Works

Department Director


The Public Works Department provides for the operation and maintenance of the City's infrastructure systems. The Public Works Department consists of multiple divisions which include Streets,Utilities, Water Reclamation Facility, and Airport. The Public Works Department provides, among other things, safe and serviceable roadways, clean drinking water, and collection and treatment of sanitary sewer. Thirty fulltime employees and one part-time employee provide the department's service delivery in order to reach the mission of operating, maintaining, and improving the infrastructure systems in the most fiscally responsible fashion, while protecting public safety and maximizing customer satisfaction.

What's New

Watermains to be Flushed — 9/19/2014
Watermains to be flushed October 7 - October 10, 2014.
Watershed Cleanup — 9/16/2014
It is this Saturday 9AM - 12. The faribault location is at two rivers park. If people are interested they are welcome to show up, sign up online, or email me ahead of time to help us better get a count of how much food we will need.
Lead and Copper in Drinking Water — 7/23/2014
See the attached from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding lead and copper in drinking water.

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