Current Employment Opportunities

Police Department Secretary
The City of Faribault has an opening for a Department Secretary in its Poli… (continued)
(Deadline 8/7/2015)

Seasonal Employment

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

  • Lifeguards
  • Water Exercise Instructors
  • Swim Lesson Instructors
  • Youth Coaches
  • Youth Officials
  • Front Desk
  • Building Supervisors
  • Adult Volleyball Officials
  • Public Works Utilities and Street Maintenance
  • Park Maintenance

Applications will be accepted continuously until all positions have been filled.


    City of Faribault Employment Application (pdf)


    You must complete all parts of the application. Read the job announcement carefully before you apply. Announcements may contain special instructions and requirements. Complete a separate application for each job unless the announcement states otherwise. Type or print clearly in dark ink. Applications in pencil will not be accepted. Legible photocopies are acceptable.

    Keep a copy of your completed application

    Your application and all attachments become the property of the employer and will not be returned.

    Important facts about information on your application

    Certain information requested on the application is private, that is, it may be released only to you or to agencies where you may be considered for employment (to comply with M.S. ยง 13.43, Subd. 2). If you are employed, the data will be available to the Department of Finance, the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration for payroll and tax purposes. If you disagree with the data we have about you, notify by letter the personnel representative of the government body to which you are applying.

    Private Data Why We Ask For It Are You Legally Obligated To Provide It? What May Happen If You Don't Provide It
    Social Security No. To distinguish you from all other applicants and to make processing more efficient. No In most cases, nothing. However, it will help ensure we do not confuse your records with those of others.
    Name To distinguish you from all other applicants. Yes Failure to provide information may be cause for rejecting an application.
    Address To be able to send you notices. Yes Failure to provide information may be cause for rejecting an application.
    Home Telephone To be able to contact you to determine availability for interview. No We may not be able to employ you in certain jobs where you may be required to come to work on short notice.

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