Community Vision Faribault 2040 — 9/30/2014
Click on the Vision graphic to learn more about the Vision process
2013 Annual Report — 3/3/2014
Water Meter Handout No. 8 — 7/7/2013
Updated information on the Water Meter system February 7, 2013.

City Council

Community Dev - General

Community Dev - Building Code Division

New Rental Housing Licensing Program — 7/25/2014
The City Council has approved a comprehensive revision of ordinances regulating rental housing in the City. Effective January 1, 2015, the new ordinance replaces the current rental registration ordinance with a new program that establishes rental housing licenses in order to provide a means by which the City can revoke a property owner’s privileges to rent residential units.

Community Dev - Planning and Zoning Division



Utility Meter Accuracy Update — 7/17/2013
Complete information regarding the Utility Meter Accuracy Update and supporting documentation may be found on the City of Faribault website by clicking on the Administration tab under the heading of City Departments and scrolling down to What's New.


Fire Department Open House — 10/4/2014
2014 Faribault Fire Department Open House
Saturday, October 4, 2014
10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
122 NW 2nd Street, Faribault, Minnesota

Please join us for the 2014 Faribault Fire Department’s Open House on Saturday, October 4, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 122 NW 2nd Street, Faribault, Minnesota.

During the open house, you will have the opportunity to see fire trucks, firefighting gear, Thermal Imager demonstrations, and auto extrication demonstrations. Kids can visit the fire safe house, spray a real fire hose, and try on firefighter turnout gear!

We have a limited number of smoke detectors with a battery to give away (sorry, only one per household while supplies last). We hope you can join us!
Monthly Statistics — 9/8/2014
The monthly statistics show a breakdown of the types of incidents the Fire Department responded to.
The Incident Totals and Call Backs spreadsheet provides statistics on all of the incidents combined.
The City and Rural Calls spreadsheet provides a statistical breakdown of city vs. rural area incidents.
The Fire Incidents spreadsheet provides statistics on fire incidents, mutual aid incidents, and the total $ loss of city and rural fires.

Heritage Preservation Commission


Buckham Memorial Library Mobile App: Buckham 2Go! — 9/18/2014
You can visit Buckham Memorial Library anytime, anywhere with a free app on your mobile device! Find and reserve books, movies and music. Renew items and keep track of due dates. Download eBooks and use digital media. Check out upcoming events and programs. Email or call your library. The library’s mobile app, Buckham 2Go!, allows you to do all these things and more right from your mobile phone or tablet. Smart phone users can install the app by using their phone’s Internet browser to visit Android users can download the app from the Google Play and Amazon App stores. iPhone and iPad users can download the app from the iTunes App Store.

Parks & Recreation

Buckham Bulletin: Call for Information — 9/18/2014
Winter Buckham Bulletin production begins Oct. 1, and will be printed and mailed Nov. 17. Please submit event, activity, and holiday information that falls within the December, January, and February time period by Oct. 1. For details or to submit, contact Jeff at
Buckham Bulletin: Fall 2014 Events & Activities — 9/18/2014
Buckham Bulletin Fall Issue — 9/5/2014
See what's happening in Faribault this fall! Download the Buckham Bulletin here!

Parks & Recreation - Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Brochure — 4/14/2014
Get the Faribault Family Aquatic Center brochure for 2014 season here!
Aquatic Center Brochure — 3/13/2014
Get the 2014 Aquatic Center brochure here! Summer's coming!

Parks & Recreation - Community Center

The Bulletin - Guidelines for Submitting — 6/2/2014
Use these guidelines for submitting information to be published in The Bulletin.
Fishing Clinic Manual — 6/2/2014
Get the Faribault Park & Rec Youth Fishing Clinic Manual here. Clinics are scheduled periodically. Call Jeff JUarvis at 507-334-2064 for details.
Community Center Pool Schedule — 5/29/2014

Parks & Recreation - Community Enrichment

Snail Editorial (Buckham Bulletin) — 7/30/2014
Read at a Snail's Pace!
Historic Downtown Faribault Article — 7/30/2014
Read an article from the Buckham Bulletin on historic downtown Faribault.
Farmer Seed & Nursery History Article — 7/30/2014
Read about Faribault's landmark business, Farmer Seed & Nursery. Celebrated their 125th year of business in 2013.

Parks & Recreation - Fitness Center

October Group Fitness Schedule — 10/1/2014
October Group Fitness Schedule. All Classes held at Washington Recreation Center.
Group Fitness Class descriptions — 2/13/2014
Description of Group Exercise classes
Zumba Classes — 2/13/2014
2014 Zumba Class information

Parks & Recreation - Sports & Recreation

2014 October Open Skate at the Ice Arena — 9/30/2014
2014 October Open Skate at the Ice Arena
2014 Fall Softball Men's Upper Playoffs — 9/24/2014
2014 Fall Softball Men's Upper Playoffs
2014 Fall Softball Men's Lower Playoffs — 9/24/2014
2014 Fall Softball Men's Lower Playoffs


The Point After — 9/26/2014
The Point After Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 32
Emergency Messages Everbridge — 5/6/2014

The Everbridge system provides city officials with the ability to provide pre-recorded emergency telephone notification/information messages to targeted areas or the entire city. Residents and businesses located within the city limits are encouraged to sign up for Everbridge to be sure they receive timely emergency to be sure they receive timely emergency notifications when alerts are issued.

The Point After — 2/7/2014
The Point After Newsletter Volume 2, Issue 51

Public Works

Compost Site — 7/7/2014
The compost site is reopening at 1:00 p.m., Monday, July 7, 2014. Days and hours of service are Monday & Wednesday 1:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Saturday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Rice County also maintains a compost-recycling center. You can call the county's Recycling Hotline at 507-332-6833 or check for other composting information and options.

Public Works - Storm Water

Watershed Cleanup — 9/16/2014
It is this Saturday 9AM - 12. The faribault location is at two rivers park. If people are interested they are welcome to show up, sign up online, or email me ahead of time to help us better get a count of how much food we will need.
Stormwater Pollution Prevention Newsletter — 4/24/2014
Public Notice of Request for Comments MS4 Permit — 2/4/2014

Public Works - Streets

Public Works - Water

Watermains to be Flushed — 9/19/2014
Watermains to be flushed October 7 - October 10, 2014.
Lead and Copper in Drinking Water — 7/23/2014
See the attached from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding lead and copper in drinking water.
Municipal Water Restrictions — 7/21/2014
Water restrictions begin May 1st and remain in effect through September 30th. Thank you for your cooperation.

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