State of City Address — 6/12/2015
Sate of City Address presented by Mayor John Jasinski
Faribault Events — 5/3/2015
Faribault Events for the year of 2015.
Community Vision Faribault 2040 — 3/30/2015
Click for more information.Become Part of the Process.

City Council

Community Dev - General

Community Dev - Building Code Division

Surcharge Change — 5/27/2015
There is some good news from the State of Minnesota in regards to the State Surcharge Fee. Effective JULY 1, 2015, the state surcharge applied to “fixed fee” building permits changes from $5.00 for each fixed fee permit to $1.00 for each fixed fee permit. When submitting permits for residential roofing, siding, window replacement, or any electrical, residential or commercial, permits, please change your surcharge amount to $1.00. Permits based on evaluation remain the same. If you are not sure the permit you are submitting qualifies, please contact me at 507-333-0387 or
New Code Adoptions — 1/27/2015
The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry has announced the following adoptions: ? Chapter 1309 2012 International Residential Code with Minnesota amendments and Chapter 1300 Administrative Provisions will become effective January 24, 2015. Chapter 1303 which includes new foundation and radon rules and Chapter 1322 Residential Energy Code will become effective February 24, 2015.
New Rental Housing Licensing Program — 7/25/2014
The City Council has approved a comprehensive revision of ordinances regulating rental housing in the City. Effective January 1, 2015, the new ordinance replaces the current rental registration ordinance with a new program that establishes rental housing licenses in order to provide a means by which the City can revoke a property owner’s privileges to rent residential units.

Community Dev - Planning and Zoning Division



Monthly Statistics — 5/6/2015
The monthly statistics show a breakdown of the types of incidents the Fire Department responded to.
The Incident Totals and Call Backs spreadsheet provides statistics on all of the incidents combined.
The City and Rural Calls spreadsheet provides a statistical breakdown of city vs. rural area incidents.
The Fire Incidents spreadsheet provides statistics on fire incidents, mutual aid incidents, and the total $ loss of city and rural fires.
Hot Spots - FIre Department Newsletter — 5/5/2015
Here is the latest edition of Hot Spots, the Faribault Fire Department’s newsletter. We hope you enjoy learning more about the department!

Heritage Preservation Commission


Buckham Memorial Library Mobile App: Buckham 2Go! — 9/18/2014
You can visit Buckham Memorial Library anytime, anywhere with a free app on your mobile device! Find and reserve books, movies and music. Renew items and keep track of due dates. Download eBooks and use digital media. Check out upcoming events and programs. Email or call your library. The library’s mobile app, Buckham 2Go!, allows you to do all these things and more right from your mobile phone or tablet. Smart phone users can install the app by using their phone’s Internet browser to visit Android users can download the app from the Google Play and Amazon App stores. iPhone and iPad users can download the app from the iTunes App Store.

Parks & Recreation

Sakatah-Singing Hills Trail Brochure — 6/2/2015
Get the Sakatah-Singing Hills Trail brochure here!
Buckham Bulletin SUMMER! — 6/2/2015
Get the SUMMER Buckham Bulletin here…Faribault Events & Activities!
MN Twins Baseball Clinic FREE — 6/2/2015
Download the MN Twins Baseball Clinic reg. form here!

Parks & Recreation - Aquatic Center

Aquatic Center Brochure — 6/1/2015
Get the 2015 Aquatic Center brochure here! Summer's coming!

Parks & Recreation - Community Center

PARK & REC RATES 2015 — 3/5/2015
Rates for most all Park & Rec activities for 2015.
Community Center Pool Schedule — 3/5/2015
Santa Calling Program — 11/24/2014
Participate in the 2014 Santa Calling Program…it's free, but just for kids in Gr. 1 and Kindergarten only. Get a fillable form here!

Parks & Recreation - Community Enrichment

Buckham Bulletin Guidelines — 6/22/2015
Use these guidelines to provide information for the Buckham Bulletin.
Youth Culture Camp: Study Wapakuta Indians — 6/17/2015
Culture Camp: The Ways of the Wapakuta Dakota (Ages 6-16) ------------------------------------------------------ This youth program is designed to widen appreciation for Native American culture that once existed in the Rice County area. In this series of classes, youth learn the Dakota culture through learning their language and customs, playing games, hands-on projects, and with other fun activities. Two sessions are being offered in August.? For more details or to register: Jeff Jarvis or Bird Fee: $34, after Aug. 4, $39. Scholarships are available, inquire at registration. Programs held at Washington Rec Center.?Session I: T/W/Th, Aug. 11-13. 9am-11:30am Session II: M/W/F, Aug. 10, 12, 14. 1pm-3:30pm
Johnston Hall Brochure — 6/2/2015
Save Johnston Hall Brochure!

Parks & Recreation - Fitness Center

July Group Fitness Schedule — 7/1/2015
July Group Fitness Schedule. All Classes held at Washington Recreation Center.
Group Fitness Class descriptions — 3/5/2015
Description of Group Exercise classes

Parks & Recreation - Ice Arena

2014 November Open Skate Schedule — 10/20/2014
2014 Open Skate Schedule at the Ice Arena

Parks & Recreation - Sports & Recreation

2015 TP Youth Baseball Practice & Game Schedule — 7/1/2015
2015 Tee Pee Tonka Baseball Practice and Game Schedule
2015 Tee Pee Baseball Grades 6-8 Game Schedule — 7/1/2015
2015 Tee Pee Baseball Grades 6-8 Game Schedule
2015 Tee Pee Baseball Grades 3-5 Game Schedule — 7/1/2015
2015 Tee Pee Baseball Grades 3-5 Game Schedule


The Point After — 7/2/2015
The Point After Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 20
The Point After — 6/26/2015
The Point After Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 19
Crime Free Multi-Housing — 5/26/2015
All owners or managers or 1 or more rental units in Faribault must have CFMH Phase I certification prior to rental license renewal. The only proof of certification accepted is a valid CFMH Phase I certificate. If you have lost your certificate, you must contact the agency where you took your class for a replacement. The Faribault Police Department will hold CFMH classes periodically throughout the year. Our CFMH classes are open to all rental property managers, owners, and employees. The next CFMH class has not been determined. Class on 8 July 2015 at the Faribault Police Department. Register by Monday June 29, 2015 More information at Crime Free Multi-Housing

Public Works

Faribault Municipal Airport — 6/12/2015
City of Faribault Faribault Municipal Airport Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program 49 CFR Part 26
Compost Site — 4/6/2015
The compost site located at 214 N.E. 14th Street is scheduled to open for the season on Saturday, April 18, 2015, at 8:00 a.m. Rice County also maintains a compost-recycling center. You can call the county's Recycling Hotline at 507-332-6833 or check for other composting information and options.
Twin Lakes Clean Water Funds — 10/2/2014
Rice County in Partnership with City of Faribault Awarded Clean Water Funds for Twin Lakes Stormwater Retrofit Project.

Public Works - Storm Water

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Newsletter — 4/24/2014
Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) — 2/17/2009
This report provides the City of Faribault with a Comprehensive Surface Water Management Plan (SWMP) that will serve as a guide to managing the surface water system throughout the City.

Public Works - Streets

Public Works - Water

Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report — 5/28/2015
Lead and Copper in Drinking Water — 7/23/2014
See the attached from the Minnesota Department of Health regarding lead and copper in drinking water.
General Water Analysis — 6/2/2014

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