Engineering Projects for 2014

2014-06, Southwest Area Watermain — 9/10/2014
The improvements consist primarily of the installation of a 12” trunk water… (continued)
2014-07, Miscellaneous Storm Sewer Improvements — 9/10/2014
The project includes storm sewer improvements on 11th Street SW, sanitary s… (continued)
2014-08, RBNC Paving Improvements — 9/10/2014
The project includes pavement milling, bituminous overlay paving, aggregate… (continued)
2014-04, 2014 Street Overlay Improvements — 6/9/2014
The work includes approximate quantities of the items as follows: Mill Bitu… (continued)
2014-01, 2014 Miscellaneous Concrete — 4/30/2014
2014-05 Lift Station Replacements — 4/23/2014
The project includes complete removal and replacement of wet well, pumps,gu… (continued)

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