City Code

The City Code is available and searchable online.

Adopted Ordinances Not Yet Included in City Code

2019-19 Approve a Planned Unit Development in the Shoreland Management District Related to a Redevelopment Plan for Straight River Apartments and a City Park on the Former Public Works Garage Site at 601 1st Avenue NE

2019-20 Approve Vacation of Central Avenue North of 16th Street NW

2019-21 Amending Section 2.02 of the City Charter - Boards and commissions

2019-22 Amending Section 2.05 of the City Charter – Vacancies; appointments

2019-23 Amending Section 6.02 of the City Charter – Powers and duties of the city administrator 

2019-24 Amending Section 6.04 of the City Charter – Subordinate officers

2019-25 Authorize Conveyance of Real Property

2020-1  Amend Chapter 14, Article X of the Faribault City Code of Ordinances  regarding Pawnbrokers

2020-2 Amending the PUD-R Overlay District for the 23rd Street Apartments at 210-310 23rd Street NW

2020-3 Establishment of an Environmental Commission

2020-5 Adopt City of Faribault Official Map No. 1 – East View Drive 

2020-6 Allow a Biodigester as an Accessory Use to a Principal Industrial Use in an Industrial District

2020-7 Amending Chapter 14, Article II, Tobacco and Tobacco Related Devices and Products

2020-8 Amend Chapter 11 – GARBAGE AND REFUSE of the City Code of Ordinances regarding Garbage Container Size

2020-9 Amend Sec. 15-40. - On-street durational parking limits. of the City Code of Ordinances regarding On-Street Parking Time Limit

2020-10 Amend Sec. 28-193. - Rates and charges. of the City Code of Ordinances regarding WAC/SAC Fees for the Reuse of Existing Buildings

2020-11 Authorize Conveyance of Real Property Owned by the City Located at Lot 1, Block 1, State Avenue Subdivision (aka 810 Division Street East), PID

2020-12 Repealing Sec. 28-250 through Sec. 28-260 of Article IX of Chapter 28 of the Faribault City Code (Related to Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems)

Ordinances Pending Approval

2020-13 Amend Sec. 11-430 of the Unified Development Ordinance of the City of Faribault related to Residential Uses in the Central Business District

2020-14 Amend Section 15-150 of the Faribault Unified Development Ordinance Related to the Downtown Sign District

2020-15 Amend Chapter 14, Article X of the City Code of Ordinances to add a Separation Requirement for Pawnbrokers

If you have any question on these ordinances, please contact Assistant to the City Administrator Heather Slechta at 507-333-0353.