Codes & Inspections

Fire & Building Codes
Fire and Building Codes are designed to protect you in the event of a fire. In your building or home, take time to learn where fire exits are. A fire escape may be a window. There should always be 2 ways out of a building.

Electrical Inspection
Take the time to do a home electrical inspection. Are there enough outlets so that multiple attachments are not used to overload the outlet? Are extension cords the same size or larger that the appliance they are used with? Are frayed cords and broken plugs replaced? If a fuse blows, do you always look for the cause and replace it with the correct size? If you have problems, contact a qualified electrician to do the repairs and prevent electrical fires.

Heating Equipment Check
The Faribault Fire Department recommends that you have your heating equipment checked and cleaned every year. This simple step will help to maintain a safe furnace and prevent Carbon Monoxide from gathering in the home.