Fire Department Apparatus

The Faribault Fire Department’s apparatus fleet consists of 2 pumpers, 1 heavy rescue, 2 grass rigs, 1 water tanker, and 1 ladder truck. All of the apparatus carry water on board and have some form of pump for dispensing the water.

To ensure all apparatus are ready at any time, a variety of checks are performed at certain intervals. Each apparatus is checked in the morning to make sure all of its equipment is in the proper place, all of the lights are working, certain fluids (fuel, water, and foam) are at the proper level, and that all the medical equipment is stocked. On Sundays, all of the water pumps are run to exercise them and ensure proper operation.

The maintenance and repair work is handled by Full-time Firefighter Matt DeGrood and Paul Froman from the city shop.

All of the fire department’s vehicles have important jobs to keep both firefighters and the public safe.

If you ever have any questions about them or would like to come see any of the trucks, just give us a call or stop by.