2116 005
2116 is our tanker/tender and its main job is transporting water. 2116 is a 1990 International 4900 series chassis with an Engle water tank. Below is a list of the specifications:

  • 245 HP International Diesel Engine
  • 2,200 Gallon water tank
  • 350 Gallon per minute water pump
  • Flip up drop tank storage rack
2116 is our hydrant when we don’t have a hydrant. We count on 2116 to bring us water for all of our fires outside of the city limits. It has a drop tank stored on the side of the truck that can be set up next to the main truck pumping water and then it unloads into that tank. 2116 will then return to the city to re-fill with water and keep repeating this process until the fire is extinguished. The on-board water pump works well when we need to stand by at extinguished fires to ensure there are no flare ups or to put out grass fires. If you see 2116 cruising down a road somewhere in the country, odds are there is or was something burning nearby.