Q: For which City facilities does Human Resources coordinate the hiring process?
A. Human Resources coordinates the hiring process for all employment opportunities at Buckham Memorial Library, City Hall, Fire Department, Faribault Community Center, Parks & Recreation, Police Department, and Public Works. This includes all full-time, part-time, and seasonal positions.

Q: Do I have to complete a City of Faribault application?
A. Yes, you must complete a City of Faribault application to be considered for employment.
Q: What additional documentation must I submit with my application?

A. Please read each job posting to see what application materials must be submitted for consideration of employment.

Q: Where do I submit my application materials and to whom should I address my cover letter?

A: Application materials can be mailed to or dropped off at Faribault City Hall, Attn:  Kevin Bushard, Human Resources Manager, 208 1st Avenue NW, Faribault, MN 55021.

Q: How long does it take to process my application materials?
A. Your application materials are checked in upon receipt. After the application deadline, your materials will be reviewed by Human Resources and/or the designated supervisor from the respective department with the vacancy.  Please understand that the application review process takes time. Depending on the volume of applications received, the review and selection process may take up to 7 days after the application deadline.

Q: How can I be sure you received my application materials?
A: You may call Human Resources at 507-333-0354 and ask if your application materials were received.

Q: What happens after I submit my application and resume?
A: Once we receive your application, it will be reviewed by Human Resources and/or the designated supervisor from the respective department with the vacancy.  If we determine your skills and qualifications match our needs, you will be contacted by telephone and invited to come for an interview.

Q: How can I find out the status of my application or follow up on it?
A: If your background and experience are a strong match for the position to which you are applying, Human Resources will contact you for an interview.

If you are not invited for an interview because your qualifications are not as strong as other candidates in the hiring pool, you will be informed via mail. Please note that there may be a period of 1-2 weeks between the date of your application and your receipt of this notification.

Q: How long does the hiring process take?

A: On average, the hiring process - from position opening to application review to final offer - may take up to 30 days.

Q: Can I submit my resume and cover letter by fax or email?

A: No. To be considered a candidate for employment with the City of Faribault you must complete a City of Faribault application and submit it with all required materials prior to the application deadline.

Q: If my application materials are postmarked by the application deadline, does that count as being submitted prior to the deadline?
A: No. A postmark does meet the deadline requirement.

Q: Job qualifications are listed on all of your postings. What role do they play in the hiring process at the City of Faribault?

A: Job qualifications are the minimum qualifications that a job seeker must have in order to be considered for the position. When applying for jobs with the City of Faribault, be sure to clearly describe in your resume, cover letter or application form how you meet the job qualifications for the specific position. Applicants who do not demonstrate that they meet the job qualifications for a position cannot be considered for that position.

Q: How can I find out what the salary is for a position?
A: Wage information is typically listed with the job posting.

Q: I previously applied for a job with the City of Faribault. Can you use those application materials or do I need to complete a new application packet?
A: Yes, we can use previously submitted application materials for positions you applied for within the past year.

Q: Where do I find City of Faribault employment opportunities listed?

A: Employment opportunities are posted on the City of Faribault website and advertised in the local newspaper The Faribault Daily News. Openings for certain positions may be advertised in specific trade publications or on the League of Minnesota Cities website as well.

Q: How long are employment opportunities posted?

A: The posting length for employment opportunities varies from 7-21 days. Please see the posting for the application deadline.