Downtown Parking Committee

The City of Faribault envisions that the downtown will always remain the heart of the community. To that end, the City Council appointed a Downtown Parking Committee and charged them with providing recommendations on how we can ensure - now and in the future - safe and convenient access and parking for our downtown businesses, institutions, and housing. The Committee will meet beginning in January 2017 and will plan to have recommendations to the City Council by end of summer or beginning of fall. The Committee will provide opportunities for community input.

Photo 8 -- Picture of Parking Lot by River-Old City Garage

DPC Members

Although the committee may evolve over time, the following people have been appointed to serve on the Downtown Parking Committee:

  • Jennifer Denmark, Downtown Property Owner
  • Julie Fakler, Paradise Theater for the Arts (Completed term July, 2017);
  • Jennifer M. Finnesgard, State Bank of Faribault;
  • Larry Harn, G & H Property Management (Completed term July, 2017);
  • Abdullahi Hussein,Downtown Business Owner
  • Nort Johnson,Faribault Chamber of Commerce/Main Street;
  • Gary Lazarz,State Bank of Faribault/Housing and Redevelopment Authority;
  • Samantha Markman, SRF and Faribault Resident;
  • John Sheesley,Downtown Business Owner/Property Owner;
  • Janna Viscomi, Downtown Business Owner/Property Owner/City Council;
  • Ann Vohs,Downtown Business Owner/Property Owner/Planning Commission; and
  • Alternate or Additional Committee Members as may be appointed by the City Administrator.

DPC City Staff

The following City Staff will help support the work of the DPC:

  • Travis Block, Public Works;
  • Kim Clausen, Community Development Coordinator;
  • Deanna Kuennen, Community and Economic Development Director;
  • David Wanberg, City Planner; and
  • Alternative or Additional City Staff as may be appointed by the City Adminstrator