3D Printing at Buckham Memorial Library

Buckham Memorial Library has four 3D printers which print digital designs as 3D objects in a non-toxic plastic called PLA (available in a variety of colors). 3D printing costs $0.10/gram and is available for use by Buckham Memorial Library cardholders. Please read the 3D Printing Policy and Procedures for complete details.

How 3D Printing Works


Create a Digital Design or Find a Design Online

If you would like to create your own design:

3D design software allows you to construct a 3D model by simply dragging and dropping shapes (programming knowledge not necessary). Buckham Library suggests Tinkercad as an easy-to-learn software for designing 3D models. Tinkercad is a free, online, open source design software. Create an account and start designing here!

If you would like to use an existing design:

Thingiverse is a design sharing site that catalogs thousands of free, user-created, open source 3D designs. Browse through the gallery or search for something specific. 


Export or Download the File and Send It to the Library

If using your own design from Tinkercad, EXPORT the design as an .STL file to your computer.

If using a design from Thingiverse or another source, simply DOWNLOAD the .stl file to your computer.

Then, EMAIL the .stl file as an attachment to buckhamprint@gmail.com


Fill Out and Submit a Request Form

Finally, fill out and SUBMIT the 3D Printing Request Form found here.

Designs must be compliant with the library’s 3D Printing Policy and Procedures.

If you have any questions please call the library at 507-334-2089 and ask for the Info Desk, or email us at rlatchaw@ci.faribault.mn.us