Faribault's Energy Action Plan

Why Energy?

In 2016 the City of Faribault applied to participate in Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy, a two year offering designed to support communities in developing and implementing an energy action plan to drive community-driven goals around energy. The City of Faribault was selected by Xcel Energy to be the seventh Partners in Energy community in Minnesota.

As a Partners in Energy participant, the City of Faribault gained unique access to city-specific energy data in conjunction with data analysis expertise. These resources allowed the City’s Energy Action Team to uncover opportunities to reduce energy waste and excess spending on energy.

Grounded in the values and strategic priorities of Faribault’s Community Vision 2040, the Energy Action Team developed an energy plan (Faribault's Energy Action Plan) that outlines a city-wide energy goal and cost-effective energy strategies to achieve it. The plan was approved by City Council on April 11, 2017.

Faribault’s Energy Goal

Reduce community-wide energy expenditure by 1% annually from business as usual (2015 baseline).

By 2040 this is estimated to save Faribault residents and businesses over $8 million a year, with accumulated savings of over $100 million.

How will we get there?

2017-2020 Energy Priorities

•   Residents 

• Government and Institutions (Link to Gov & institution page - coming soon)

• Large Commercial and Industrial (Link to Commercial & Industrial - coming soon)

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Faribault Industries, Institutions and Businesses,

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