Report a Concern

If you have a concern within Faribault city limits, feel free to use our online fillable forms below to report it. When you click submit after filling out the form, it will be directed to the specific department for your concern. These forms are received via email, so please understand your concern will be addressed as soon as possible during regular city business hours. 

Please note that your contact information is important to ensure that in the event we need additional information, we can contact you. 

Report Vandalism

Stumble upon graffiti in Faribault city limits? Notice someone vandalized a facility? Has a vehicle been vandalized?

Report a Missed Road During Snow Removal

Do you believe your road was missed during snow removal? Did the plow not get close enough to the curb? 

Report a Problem Tree Outside of the Parks

Is there a tree hanging over the road? Is a tree in the boulevard causing issues?

Report Traffic Safety Issues

Worried about speeding in your neighborhood? Is a stop sign blocked by greenery? Have a desire for a portable speed-reading trailer?

Report Illegal Dumping/Discharge in the Storm Sewer System

Have you seen or are aware of illegal dumping or discharge into the sewer system you'd like to see addressed?

Report Abandoned Vehicles/Parking Violation

Is there an abandoned vehicle in your neighborhood? Is there a vehicle not abiding by parking laws?

Report A Problem Tree in the Parks

Is there a tree in a public park that needs to be trimmed or is a safety concern and needs to taken down? 

Report Storm Sewer Blockage

Is a storm sewer in your area blocked? Notice a large puddle on a roadway as a result of storm sewer blockage?

Report a Pothole

Come across a pothole within city limits that needs to be filled? Is a pothole losing its fill?

Report Water Issues

Do you have low water pressure? Does your water appear rusty? Do you see a water leak outside your home?

Report an Animal Complaint

Is there a dog barking nonstop in your neighborhood? Worried about the well-being of an animal in your neighborhood?

Report a Street Light Out

Is there a street light out on your road? Has a street light been damaged and needs to be repaired? 

Report a Code Violation

Have you witnessed code violations or are worried about a property's upkeep? Is there construction going on without a permit?

Report Other Concerns

Didn't see a topic for your concern? Let us know here and we'll direct it to the correct person.

Report A Non-Shoveled Sidewalk

Is there a sidewalk that hasn't been shoveled or maintained as is a hazard?