Energy Action Plan - Electric Vehicles

Why Should You Drive Electric?

There are many reasons drivers make the switch to electric vehicles:

  • Cheaper to fuel – electricity prices are cheaper than gas.
  • Reduced maintenance costs – no regular oil changes, tune-ups, and part replacements.
  • Fun to drive – smooth-shifting with powerful acceleration and a quiet motor.
  • Incentives to buy – federal tax credits, local vehicle incentives, and a growing inventory of used vehicles help make EVs more Electric Chargingaffordable.
  • Lower emissions – fueling your car with electricity can reduce emissions to about 1/3 of conventional vehicles.

Not sure what vehicle is right for you? Use the Electric Vehicle Advisor to see what models best fit your lifestyle. Visit to learn more.

Charging Your Electric Vehicle

Visit Xcel Energy’s electric vehicles resource page for simple steps to make sure you’re ready to charge your vehicle at home or on the go:

Step 1 - Determine Your Charging Level: There are different types of chargers available depending on your needs.

Step 2 - Select Your Electric Pricing Plan: Xcel Energy offers different pricing plans so charging your EV is affordable.

Step 3 - Install a Charging Station with the Help of an Electrician: Find an electrician who is familiar with installing charging stations.

You Can Charge With Clean Energy

You have the option to get some or all of your energy from renewable sources. Xcel Energy’s Windsource® gives you the option to pay a little extra every month to get as much wind energy as you want to fuel your vehicle. To get more info and complete the online application, visit Xcel Energy’s Windsource page.

Did you know there are 3 charging stations in Faribault?

Check out these maps: