Burning Permits and Rules

Fire Prevention and Protection

City of Faribault Code of Ordinances: Chapter 10 Fire Prevention and Protection

Campfire Regulations

A Campfire or Recreational fire is defined as “a fire for cooking, warming or recreational purposes burning only clean, untreated wood or charcoal.” City of Faribault campfire regulations are as follows:

  • Campfires shall not exceed 3 feet in height, or 3 feet in diameter. 
  • Only clean fire wood should be burned. No construction debris allowed.
  • Must be a minimum of 15 feet from any structure or combustible materials, unless contained in a barbecue pit with a depth of not less than two feet.
  • Before a campfire is lit, all of the area within five (5) feet of the base of the campfire shall be cleared of combustible material.
  • No flammable or combustible liquid shall be used to start the fire. 
  • Campfires shall be attended at all times by a person of suitable age and experience who is knowledgeable in methods of extinguishing fires and who has tools for extinguishing the fire readily available.

Burning Permit information

To apply for a Burning Permit within the city limits of the City of Faribault:

  1. Print the above-linked form.
  2. Fill out the Permittee Information and sign under Permittee Signature.
  3. Scan and email it to Dustin Dienst, Fire Chief, at ddienst@ci.faribault.mn.us
  4. Fire Department Staff will review the permit and look at the burn site location if necessary
  5. If approved, your permit will be signed and emailed back to you.
  6. To activate your permit, you must call the Fire Department and follow instructions listed on the permit.