Campfire Regulations

A Campfire or Recreational fire is defined as “a fire for cooking, warming or recreational purposes burning only clean, untreated wood or charcoal.” City of Faribault campfire regulations are as follows:

  • Campfires shall not exceed 3 feet in height, or 3 feet in diameter. 
  • Only clean fire wood should be burned. No construction debris allowed.
  • Must be a minimum of 15 feet from any structure or combustible materials, unless contained in a barbecue pit with a depth of not less than two feet.
  • Before a campfire is lit, all of the area within five (5) feet of the base of the campfire shall be cleared of combustible material.
  • No flammable or combustible liquid shall be used to start the fire. 
  • Campfires shall be attended at all times by a person of suitable age and experience who is knowledgeable in methods of extinguishing fires and who has tools for extinguishing the fire readily available.