2023 Energy Action Plan Update

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About the Plan

Faribault is developing an Energy Action Plan through Xcel Energy's Partners in Energy program in 2023. This is in addition to the City's 2017 Energy Action Plan, and will include new focus areas, strategies, and extensive community input to determine what we as a community want to achieve related energy. We encourage community members to share thoughts on topics including:

  • Energy Efficiency - Saving energy through weatherization of homes and buildings and efficient technologies
  • Renewable Energy - Wind and solar energy for homes and businesses 
  • Electric Vehicles - Resident adoption, fleet upgrades and transportation
  • Electrification - Adopting electric heating/cooling and appliance technologies

We want your input! 
In this collaborative update, we are asking you to share your thoughts on Faribault’s energy future. The community’s input will drive decisions made on goals, initiatives, and strategies to help make this a plan that represents all community members. 

There are a few ways to engage with us online, including the surveys below, and paper copies are available at municipal buildings. 

Throughout the efforts and meetings thus far, we've determined the following draft vision and goal for the updated plan:


Faribault is a vibrant, diverse community with equitable access to clean, affordable energy for all residents, businesses, and institutions. We are reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency and renewable energy and creating a sustainable future where all can thrive.


Faribault will avoid an additional 50% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to business as usual, while saving the community energy and money.

Join us at our in-person event (details below) to provide feedback on the above-mentioned draft statements.

Attend a WorkshopA golf graphic that says "join us for one of our meetings to learn more about our energy initiati
Join us at one of the community-wide workshops!

Join us in-person on Thursday, May 25 from 6 - 8 p.m. The location will be announced closer to the date of the meeting. Please email or call Mathias Hughey to RSVP: 507-209-0100

Join the Core Team
We are currently recruiting for a "Core Team" which will help guide this update. This team will meet in addition to the community-wide workshops. Please contact Mathias Hughey, Community Development coordinator, if you are interested in participating in the entire process. You can reach Mathias by email or by calling or 507-209-0100.


In 2017, the City of Faribault participated in Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program to develop and implement an Energy Action Plan. Since Faribault was an early adopter, Xcel Energy has worked closely with the City to help achieve its energy goals and is now facilitating the update of the Energy Action Plan to the needs of 2023. As a participant, the City gained unique access to city-specific energy data in conjunction with data analysis expertise. These resources allowed the City’s Energy Action Team to identify opportunities to reduce energy waste, excess energy spending, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the values and strategic priorities of Faribault’s Community Vision 2040, the Energy Action Team developed an energy plan (Faribault's Energy Action Plan) that outlines a city-wide energy goal and cost-effective energy strategies to achieve it. The plan was approved by City Council on April 11, 2017. 

The Need for an Update: Energy Action Plan 2023

In the half-decade since the Energy Action Plan was first approved, Faribault has exceeded its energy saving goals. 

The City’s goal was to reduce community-wide energy expenditure by 1% annually from the 2015 baseline figures, and using Xcel Energy’s data, it is clear that this was a success. 

Since 2016, Faribault has reduced its gross energy usage by around 16M KWh, from ~225M KWh to ~209M KWh. Much of this was due to energy efficiency improvements in the City’s infrastructure, as well as a considerable extension of renewable energy in the City’s energy mix. As of 2022, the City uses nearly 46M KWh of renewable energy, a massive increase compared to before the Energy Action Plan.

The transition to carbon-free energy presents significant opportunities for places like Faribault to develop good-paying jobs, expand investment, and increase the resilience of our community. Updating the Energy Action Plan to the year 2023 is an important step in positioning Faribault as a leader in southeastern Minnesota and the entire country.