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Posted on: July 27, 2020

Putting a shed on your property? Here's what you need to know

A picture of a shed in a resident's backyard

In recent weeks, the City of Faribault has seen an increased number of shed complaints over non-compliance. Find below a questions-and-answers breakdown for shed compliance in City limits.

Q. What is considered an accessory structure?

A. An accessory structure is any subordinate building or use that is located on the same lot as the main building.  Garages, sheds, and carports are common examples.

Q. How many accessory structures are allowed per residential lot?  How big can the structures be?

A. Each residential property can have up to 2 detached accessory structures, the first up to 864 square feet in floor area and a second up to 120 square feet in area.  The maximum height of any such structure is limited to 16 feet in height and side wall height of 9 feet.  Additional wall height can be permitted when additional distance from a property line is provided.

Q. Where am I allowed to place an accessory building on my lot and how far must it be from the property lines?

A. An accessory structure must be located within a side or rear yard area and maintain the following setbacks:

•    Rear yard location- At least 5 feet from side and rear property lines and 10 feet     from any other structure on the property. 

•    Side yard location-  At least 5 feet from the side property line and 10 feet from any other structure on the property

Q. Are building permits required? Are there design standards that I need to follow?

A. Building permits are required for all accessory structures in excess of 200 square feet.  For structures that require a permit, materials and colors should closely match that of the principal structure; in no case is corrugated metal an acceptable building material. Zoning Certificates are required for all accessory structures over 80 sq. ft.

For additional information, click here for the zoning certificate. 

For questions, contact the Community and Economic Development Department at 507-334-0100. 

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