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Data Request - Minnesota Government Data Practices Act

  1. Requesting Records and Information

    Data request must be in writing and submitted via mail, in-person, or email.

    Data Request Online Form 

    Mailed requests can be sent to:

    City of Faribault

    Attn: City Clerk

    208 First Ave. NW

    Faribault, MN 55021

    Emailed requests can be sent to the City Clerk's email account, 

    In-person requests can be submitted at Faribault City Hall, 208 First Ave. NW

  2. To be completed by requestor:
  3. I am requesting access to the data in the following way: *
  4. How would you like to receive the information?*
  5. MS 13.05, subd. 12

    NOTE: According to MS § 13.05, subd. 12, persons are not required to identify themselves, or state a reason for, or justify a request for public data. Minn. Stat. § 13.03 and 13.04 authorize the City to charge fees to recover costs to provide copies of data. Prepayment is required. There is no charge for inspection or for separating not public data from public data. The City may charge the actual cost for searching and retrieving data, except for requests made by data subjects. The City will respond within a reasonable time for all requests, except for requests by data subjects, which shall be responded to within 10 days of the date of the request. Payment must be made in advance.

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