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3D Printing Request Form

  1. Please enter the number below the barcode on your library card. Do not include spaces.

  2. Please tell use what the name of the name of your file.

  3. Email the file to be printed to the library

    After submitting this online form, please email your file as an attachment in .stl format to:

  4. Please tell us any other information we should know about your print.

  5. Choose Your Filament Color

    Prints only print in one color

  6. White
    pla white

  7. Pearl White
    pla pearl white

  8. Transparent
    pla transparent

  9. Red
    pla red

  10. Silver
    pla silver

  11. Ultimate Blue
    pla ultimate blue

  12. Yellow
    pla yellow

  13. Black
    pla black

  14. Blue
    pla blue

  15. Green
    pla green

  16. Magenta
    pla magenta

  17. Orange
    pla orange

  18. 3D Policy and Procedures Acceptance*

    I have read and agree to Buckham Memorial Library's 3D Printing Policy and Procedures.

  19. Thank you!

    Library staff will review your file and email the printing fee amount for your print. Buckham Memorial Library charges a fee of 10 cents per gram of filament to offset the cost of materials. Please respond to that email to give approval for printing your model. Once your approval is received, your model will be placed in the printing queue. You will be notified by email when your print is ready to be picked up. Please pay for and pick up your prints within 14 days of notification.

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